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S A L O N - SUNDAY with Erín Moure and So Mayer

  • Brunswick Centre Tenants' Room 10 Foundling Court Marchmont Street London (map)

Join us and moderator So Mayer to speak with Erín Moure about Paraguayan Sea by Wilson Bueno (her most recent translation) and Planetary Noise,her collected poems, edited by Shannon Maguire.

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Paraguayan Sea by Wilson Bueno is a queer homage to the multiplicity of languages and to life by a wonderful Brazilian writer, rendered in Frenglish.

Planetary Noise is described in The New York Times as 'a career-spanning selection' by the 'much-honored Canadian poet who began in the late 1970s as the exponent of a cerebral, knife-sharp feminism': 

During the 1980s her books tried to untangle power and patriarchy and mere habit from the roots and boles of a newer language, as well as to alter the shape of the poem on the page. The results, with their “peaceable discontinuity,” could end up airily theoretical, or startle with sudden passion, almost as in the long poems of C.D. Wright: “When your ankle touched my shoulder / the cord shudders in the spine.” The later Moure pays homage to role models like the Brazilian novelist Clarice Lispector; she also translates poetry, and makes her own poems reflect the process of translation, veering “out of the monolingualism … that would keep boundaries pure.” Moure’s sense remains hard to fix, which is part of her point: Translations with real originals, ambient thoughts carved from air, design elements from art books, and slices of philosophy circulate in work created never to settle down, never to narrow to any one point.

Meet Erin on her website, where she describes herself as follows.  

Poet in English and English/Galician, translator of poetry—especially the syntactically strange or "difficult"— from Galician, French, Spanish, and Portuguese to English. Lives in Montreal and Kelowna, works everywhere. Allergic person, friend, lesboqueer, cyclist commuter, small footprint on earth.

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Based in London, Sophie Mayer is a poet, film activist, and scholar who sees her academic work as of a piece with her creative and journalistic writing. She balances a passion for cultural research and close reading with a commitment to advocating for innovative cultural projects outside the academic community. The Canadians among us may know that she completed her PhD dissertation, Script Girls and Automatic Women: A Feminist Film Poetics, under the direction of Professor Linda Hutcheon at the University of Toronto.

So Mayer

So Mayer

S A L O N - LONDON is directed by Georgina Colby and Susan Rudy. S A L O N - SUNDAY with Erín Moure has been funded by the Centre for Poetry and the School of English and Drama at Queen Mary University of London, in collaboration with the Institute of Modern and Contemporary Culture at the University of Westminster.